Our leather covers are made exclusively from natural first-grain calf leather, tanned in Italy.


Smooth or hammered leather

Fine leather, soft to the touch and to the eye, available both smooth and hammered, tanned in Italy, obtained from the grain part and with a high thickness between 1.6 and 2.4 mm. Skinclò full-grain calfskin leather, properly protected and maintained, has superior resistance to time, wear and atmospheric agents.


Nubuck Hydro

Fine leather with a suede effect and velvety touch, tanned in Tuscany, comes from the full grain side, high thickness - 2.2/2.4 mm - with a permanent water-repellent treatment carried out in barrel which, while allowing water to enter, preserves longer the internal structure of the leather.


Inverted calfskin (luxury suede)

Precious suede leather to the sight and touch, Italian excellence, obtained from the full grain part (AND NOT LEATHER CRUST), high thickness - 2.2/2.4 mm. Skinclò inverted calfskin has a higher resistance to wear and tear and atmospheric agents than classic suede.